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Day 2

August 10, 2011

Hi All

Thank you for your overwhelming showing of support, help and solidarity today. The clean up teams in Manchester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Leicester and London were out in force and doing an incredible job of cleaning. You swept through the streets, bringing with you smiles, laughter and positivity, which were greatly received by all who encountered your warmth.

In regards to where we go next, we will be meeting with councils and the greater London authority tomorrow and will be able to provide you with clear and direct instructions as to how to help next. There will be a sign up database, location specific, so you can be called upon as soon as needed, hopefully by the end of tomorrow. Any immediate calls for help will be tweeted so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

The shelter in Tottenham has been doing an incredible job all day, collating your mountains of donations. The are in desperate need of Nappies, Ladies sanitary wares, mobile phone chargers, cutlery, saucepans, kitchen utensils and crockery. Please drop this in at:

Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
1 Philip Lane
N15 4JA

They are open between 9am and 8pm. We currently do not have capacity for mail order donations as yet but please keep in touch. The offers of this kind of support from other areas has been mind blowing. Sit tight as we may need to call upon you soon.

If you are in the cordoned off areas, please check on your neighbours, in particular the elderly, who might need you to do a small run to the shops for them.

There are so many offers of help, we are almost, for use of a better expression, over subscribed. Your generosity of time is simply incredible. Hopefully we don’t have too much, or anything, to do tomorrow (the streets stay calm.) If we are not needed on mass and you do have time, it might be a nice idea to pop into a charity shop within your community and see if they need any help sorting donations/setting up displays etc. They are always in need of help and it would be great to show this love and warmth for our larger communities too.

Keep following the twitter, sorry if its clogging up your feed, just trying to get info out as soon as possible. Will keep you informed of plans for tomorrow and hence forth.

Love to all

1/85,000 of @riotscleanup


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