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Day 3

August 11, 2011

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the last few days.

The clean up operation is quietening down a little bit, in regards to needing people on the streets. A large thanks to the fantastic work of the local councils and their cleaning efforts. A large thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and determination.

The shelter in Tottenham has been inundated with generosity, thank you for your donations. A HUGE thanks to everyone who has been working at the Tottenham Green Leisure centre for all their incredible effort. They are going to give us a list of things they need early tomorrow, once they have waded through all of todays donations. We will need some help with this, so please check the website/twitter and we will let you know as and when. 

We will be updating over the coming hours/days with all the information you should need to find out about specific clean up operations and also highlighting some fantastic community action to help local business’s bounce back quickly. There will also be legal and business information for those effected. The twitter will still be engaged, but hopefully a little calmer and more informed as information becomes clearer and the initial panic calms.

We sincerely hope that the spirit and enthusiasm continues as our communities unite. We will endeavor to keep you updated, in due course, of volunteer events that you can participate in. Our hope is that the solidarity and smiles, act as a beacon of strength in our community to lighten all aspects of daily life. We are stronger together, this week has proved that. Please feel encouraged to engage in thought, debate and action within our localities. 

You are an inspiration, I hope you continue to inspire and bring light, in all situations, throughout the coming days, weeks and months.

In solidarity, as a community we stand.



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