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Day 4

Hi All

Thank you for all of your incredible support, its been overwhelming.

From this point forth this twitter feed will simply be an information stream; allowing you to here concise and direct news about the clean up operations in your borough. With links provided to more detailed explanation.

I feel that the need for regular updates is reducing and I want to make sure this account doesn’t swamp you, so you still feel compelled to keep in contact with important events and emergencies (hopefully not.)

We have been inundated with offers of help and support – please continue to tweet us any updates and requests for help, they will be passed on quickly and accurately.

I sincerely hope that this enthusiasm spreads into all parts of our lives, we continue to act timely and with a desire to help. We ask the important question why and act with integrity. I hope more than anything, that you continue to laugh, converse, help and smile with the people with whom you share more than a postcode.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing.

In solidarity, as a community we stand.



Important Update

Hi All

Thanks for your continued enthusiasm. It’s been a busy week, but a week that has regenerated our ongoing faith in community

Help is needed in Walthemstow to continue the great work of the emergency services respite centre. Please email Stowrespite(at) if you can help this weekend.

The Tottenham Shelter is still asking for help. Please visit for up to the minute information.

There is now a Croydon Shelter at Christ Church on Sumner Road. They are specifically requesting Men’s clothes and Shoes.

There is a garden clean up and fix up in Battersea this weekend Meet in the square behind the Tesco on Battersea Park Rd (SW11 4LU) at 10. Bring gardening tools/compost and an appetite for tea and sandwiches. More info here:

We have so many offers of tools, paint, equipment and labour and would love them to be put to great use.

If you are in a location that needs repainting or repairing please contact

It would be great to find someone to co-ordinate efforts in Clarence Road in Hackney.

Will keep updating you throughout the day, so you can plan a couple of hours in your weekend if you so wish.

In solidarity, as a community we stand.


Day 3

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the last few days.

The clean up operation is quietening down a little bit, in regards to needing people on the streets. A large thanks to the fantastic work of the local councils and their cleaning efforts. A large thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and determination.

The shelter in Tottenham has been inundated with generosity, thank you for your donations. A HUGE thanks to everyone who has been working at the Tottenham Green Leisure centre for all their incredible effort. They are going to give us a list of things they need early tomorrow, once they have waded through all of todays donations. We will need some help with this, so please check the website/twitter and we will let you know as and when. 

We will be updating over the coming hours/days with all the information you should need to find out about specific clean up operations and also highlighting some fantastic community action to help local business’s bounce back quickly. There will also be legal and business information for those effected. The twitter will still be engaged, but hopefully a little calmer and more informed as information becomes clearer and the initial panic calms.

We sincerely hope that the spirit and enthusiasm continues as our communities unite. We will endeavor to keep you updated, in due course, of volunteer events that you can participate in. Our hope is that the solidarity and smiles, act as a beacon of strength in our community to lighten all aspects of daily life. We are stronger together, this week has proved that. Please feel encouraged to engage in thought, debate and action within our localities. 

You are an inspiration, I hope you continue to inspire and bring light, in all situations, throughout the coming days, weeks and months.

In solidarity, as a community we stand.


Updated Information

Hi All

Just a quick update as to what’s happening, trying to tweet less and update from the website more, I get the impression we are crashing your streams and its starting to become more of a hinderance than a help.

The donations to the Tottenham shelter have been fantastic. The current pick ups in hoxton and camden are swamped, we are all very grateful for your generosity and speed. If you would like to donate in person please bring items to:

Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
1 Philip Lane
N15 4JA

Please bring anything you would use on a daily basis. Food is under control and the clothing donations are vast. Current needs are phone chargers, pots, pans, plates, cutlery, sanitary ware and toiletries.

There have been some fantastic online campaigns launched to help independent business’s and families affected. Here’s a quick run down on what to do and how to help:

The campaign to help re-build Reeves furniture store in croydon is in full swing. Reeves is a furniture store ravaged by fire, owned an ran as a family business for generations. You can donate here: and follow the progress on twitter via @rebuildreeves

Ashraf Haziq is the poor lad who was robbed as he lay bleeding in the street during the london riots. He is a malaysian student studying here and a fantastic group has set up a place to donate to done something nice for Ashraf. A great show of kindness and love from all involved/donating. Please visit here:

Aaron Biber is an 89 year old Barber from Tottenham who has seen his shop torn up by the riots. Lets help him get back on his feet so he can carry on keeping the hair of Tottenham looking good 🙂

If you are a carpenter, electrician, tradesperson of any kind, architect, you name it, there are a group of people co-ordinating volunteer labour. If you are in this description please contact nick (at) or find him on twitter @riot_rebuild

The largest distribution centre for the great independent record labels of the uk was decimated by fire. Please visit for information on how to help the independent music community and the inevitable effect on independent stores throughout the uk.

In terms of street cleaning, we have done all we can at the moment (thank you!) but will put up more information as soon as we hear anything.

We have full support from the affected borough councils and GLA and they will provide us with a steady stream of accurate community information as to when help is needed. We are also putting together a support pack for business’s, borough specific, with legal information and your local point person at the council.

Plans are being made on a pan London level by the GLA and Parliament, these will no doubt be in the news and media, but we will update all relevant information here too as it comes in.

If you are setting up a group to help business’s or hear anything please let us know via photos (at) or @riotcleanup and we will spread the word as best we can.

In solidarity, as a community we stand.

Love to all.

1/87000 of @riotcleanup

Day 2

Hi All

Thank you for your overwhelming showing of support, help and solidarity today. The clean up teams in Manchester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Leicester and London were out in force and doing an incredible job of cleaning. You swept through the streets, bringing with you smiles, laughter and positivity, which were greatly received by all who encountered your warmth.

In regards to where we go next, we will be meeting with councils and the greater London authority tomorrow and will be able to provide you with clear and direct instructions as to how to help next. There will be a sign up database, location specific, so you can be called upon as soon as needed, hopefully by the end of tomorrow. Any immediate calls for help will be tweeted so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

The shelter in Tottenham has been doing an incredible job all day, collating your mountains of donations. The are in desperate need of Nappies, Ladies sanitary wares, mobile phone chargers, cutlery, saucepans, kitchen utensils and crockery. Please drop this in at:

Tottenham Green Leisure Centre
1 Philip Lane
N15 4JA

They are open between 9am and 8pm. We currently do not have capacity for mail order donations as yet but please keep in touch. The offers of this kind of support from other areas has been mind blowing. Sit tight as we may need to call upon you soon.

If you are in the cordoned off areas, please check on your neighbours, in particular the elderly, who might need you to do a small run to the shops for them.

There are so many offers of help, we are almost, for use of a better expression, over subscribed. Your generosity of time is simply incredible. Hopefully we don’t have too much, or anything, to do tomorrow (the streets stay calm.) If we are not needed on mass and you do have time, it might be a nice idea to pop into a charity shop within your community and see if they need any help sorting donations/setting up displays etc. They are always in need of help and it would be great to show this love and warmth for our larger communities too.

Keep following the twitter, sorry if its clogging up your feed, just trying to get info out as soon as possible. Will keep you informed of plans for tomorrow and hence forth.

Love to all

1/85,000 of @riotscleanup

A message from @riotscleanup

We should start with a thank you. It started as an idea, evolved into a noisy rabble and ended up with hundreds of folk around the Uk, helping to clean up the damage and restore faith in the idea of community. You were spirited, funny, intelligent, patient, hardworking and individual. You came from all angles, from all sexes, races and beliefs, in peace and in love. Thank you for your hearts and minds, arms and legs. Thank you to all who spread the word, kept us informed and helped us organise. 

We hope that peace and sense prevails tonight, so as we continue to clean, we have less work to do. Questions must be asked and the truth will out, keep faith in each other and the strength that provides us. 

Be safe and take care whatever your plans are this evening and keep in touch via twitter, we’ll try our best to keep you informed. 

In solidarity, as a community we stand. 

Love to all

1/80,000 of @riotscleanup